Mediumship Readings

During mediumship readings I aim to connect with the spirit of someone who has left our world.  It is my intention to make the occasion an enjoyable and uplifting experience.

I should make it clear that it is not possible to call upon a specific person.  It is the spirit who chooses to make contact, not the other way round.

I fully accept the ethical and moral responsibilities to both the client and the spirit communicator that my privileged position allows.  There will be no attempts to foresee the future or to tell the client how best to live their lives.

However, I believe the messages I relay from friends and loved ones can provide comfort and positive insights for my clients.  To be able to link with the spirit brings its own rewards and allows people to discover their own inner potential.


Telephone Readings

As well as face to face meetings I undertake telephone readings.  I treat these in exactly the same way as I do my other readings.

The advantage for the client is that they do not need to travel.  It also enables me to speak with people living overseas.  For example, I have carried out a series of readings for Irish, American & Australian clients.

The same rules apply as they do to face to face readings and there will be no attempts to predict the future or to influence the client regarding how best to live their lives.


I have been going to Erin for about 10 years. Always spot on evidence and brilliant guidance during the sittings. I find the experience full of joy, laughter and surprises, lovely to reconnect with my loved ones in spirit using such a strong and clear channel. Brilliant!
Miss H | Weston-super-Mare

Erin is genuine and honest - no hidden agenda. She is passionate and professional and I thoroughly recommend her!
Mrs J | Winchcombe

Spiritual Medium

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