About Me

I believe that all things are connected.

I have had many experiences throughout my whole life, including seeing and conversing with the dead and time slips both into the past and the future.

My ancestory lineage is Celtic & Seminole Indian.

Though my parents didn’t approve, I did not feel threatened as a child.  The presence of spirits was (for the most part) not alarming.  Moreover they brought me comfort and information. The ability to slip through the framework of space and time just brought wonder and it was not something I questioned….it simply was. That world was warm.

I remember vividly on a trip to Stonehenge when I was around five and you could still walk amongst the stones.  I was astonished that my mother couldn’t hear the beautiful singing or feel the vibration that the stones gave off.

When I was about eight I became aware of a “shift” in the air, like a moment of frisson right before a visitation or other phenomena.  Maybe this was a doorway, a portal, opening from one world or one time to the next.

For the most part my experiences were good, wondrous though there were occasions where that was not so.

I worked as a Health & Safety Officer in Cheltenham, then left to have my family. When we moved into an old house the spirit activity went off the scale and I contacted a medium who explained that, not only did we have a portal, but I was a medium which was heightening the activity. I was advised to embrace and control my gifts. I searched for guidance and went to local groups in Gloucestershire, undertook training at the renowned Arthur Findlay College, the Spiritualist National Union, Soul Space and Lily Dale, New York. Whilst all of this training did indeed help with contacting spirits I found that it did nothing for my other natural gifts.

I began giving readings in 2008 and platform demonstrations in 2009.  Within a few years I opened my own training groups. Due to my continued battle with my nerves before stepping onto the platform to give a demonstration I was advised to join a drama class which I did in 2018.  Whilst it was a great deal of fun and I met some wonderful people, it taught me an unexpected lesson and that was to embrace the many aspects of a person, how they walked, talked, thought and behaved, which helped my overall mediumship.

Whilst mediumship, the ability to make contact with those in the spirit world, is very important to me, I also believe we should never stop learning and growing.  That is why I now work on honing all my skills connecting me not only to the earth energies but also to those other realms of existence and knowledge.


I have been going to Erin for about 10 years. Always spot on evidence and brilliant guidance during the sittings. I find the experience full of joy, laughter and surprises, lovely to reconnect with my loved ones in spirit using such a strong and clear channel. Brilliant!
Miss H | Weston-super-Mare

Erin is genuine and honest - no hidden agenda. She is passionate and professional and I thoroughly recommend her!
Mrs J | Winchcombe

Spiritual Medium

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